Source code for kmapper.jupyter

import IPython

[docs]def display(path_html="mapper_visualization_output.html"): """Displays a html file inside a Jupyter Notebook output cell. .. note:: Must run ``KeplerMapper.visualize`` first to generate html. This function will then render that output from a file saved to disk. .. note:: Thanks to `smartinsightsfromdata <>`_ for the `github issue 10 <>`_ that suggested this method. Parameters ============ path_html : str Path to html. Use file name for file inside current working directory. Use ``file://`` browser url-format for path to local file. Use ``https://`` urls for externally hosted resources. Examples ========= :: import numpy as np import kmapper as km from kmapper.jupyter import display data = np.random.random((2000, 2)) mapper = km.KeplerMapper() lens = km.project(data) graph =, data) _ = km.visualize(graph, path_html="filename.html") display("filename.html") The default filename is the same default as the ``.visualize`` method, so using both without arguments will show the last constructed graph: >>> _ = km.visualize(graph) >>> display() """ # Here we set the custom CSS to override Jupyter's default CUSTOM_CSS = """<style> .container { width:100% !important; } .output_scroll {height: 800px !important;} </style>""" IPython.core.display.display(IPython.core.display.HTML(CUSTOM_CSS)) iframe = ( "<iframe src=" + path_html + ' width=100%% height=800 frameBorder="0"></iframe>' ) IPython.core.display.display(IPython.core.display.HTML(iframe))